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1.   2500 positive emails
"Priest Amadou is probably the most powerful voodoo practitioner right now. His results speaks for itself. Almost 100% success rate is outstanding. He is very much in demand so pray that he has time to help you. Be assured that he can help you with your most difficult love and financial problems, with fastest results possible! " 
Speciality: love spells, protection spells, revenge spells
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2.   2177 positive emails
"Papa Sauveur: Healer and Voodoo priest is the most powerful hoodoo spell caster there is. He has traveled around the world to help people. Normal people like you and me and important people like head of state and celebrities! His services is 100% but what drags the rating down is that he is always very busy and sought for. Waiting time for his services is sometimes 2 weeks, so if he responds quickly, consider yourself lucky!. " 
Speciality: Revenge spells, Love spells, Money spells, Protection spells
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3.   1965 positive emails
"Fiona Jones is the reason so many female voodoo priestess pushed to be better in their art. She has been like a mentor to many and she is a legend in the inner circuits of voodoo. She help and she can help you too. Discover voodoo once and for all! " 
Speciality: Revenge spells, Love spells, Money spells, protection spells
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4.   1755 positive emails
"Arewa has been practicing authentic voodoo for the past 23 years and knows all its secrets. She recently opened the doors to her site and for the first time ever you can ask her to help you. Her response have been overwhelming and she will surely be the no1 voodoo spell caster in 2010. " 
Speciality: Revenge spells, Love spells, money spells, protection spells, Divination spells
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5.   102 positive emails
"Saulat offers a big range of spells and products. Not only voodoo. A big site with much to see. Unfortunately not very nice looking site. We await more positve reactions about this caster and will update this text, " 
Speciality: Revenge, money, luck, protection, Divination
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What You Need To Know About Voodoo Spells

Voodoo is commonly attributed to witchcraft, black magic, something dark or something negative. The practice of voodoo traces back from the ancient times is still practice today. In fact, there are already spells used in practicing voodoo. Voodoo spells can be similar to the usual spell that is also commonly practice in witchcraft and similar practices. However, unlike the common notion that spells are seemingly dark, such spells can actually be beneficial.

What is voodoo?

Voodoo is actually a religion itself. It is said to originate from a certain African tribe. Voodoo is performed to communicate to the higher, one God. It is also done in many spiritual activities. It has also been associated to a practice done specifically by a Haitian tribe. Thus, comes the Haitian voodoo. It is said to be associated to the certain practice in Haiti wherein puppets or voodoo dolls are hanged into trees. Contrary to the common notion to voodoo as something dark, something negative, the practice of hanging the voodoo dolls and puppets are actually used to communicate to the spiritual world which is not necessarily revengeful or dark in its essence.

What is voodoo spells?

In general, there are three common voodoo spells. These are namely voodoo spell for love, voodoo spell for money and voodoo spell for health. These are three very common things that most people want. As such, spells have been developed to be able to help one who aim for the three mentioned. Contrary to the belief that voodoo is used as a form of revengeful act, spells performed using voodoo can actually give certain benefits particularly since it is developed for that kind of purpose.

Love spells are basically used for people having problems with their relationships or for people who aims for a prosperous or healthy relationship. Money spells are basically for financial success of a person. Health is of course intended for oneís health which is not limited to physical health but also mental and even psychological. Voodoo spells are not limited to this three spells. There are other types of spell that can be performed using a voodoo ritual. There are also those called powerful spells that may involve curses and other spells that can be more serious.

How do you perform voodoo?

A voodoo can be performed in several ways particularly now that there are considered different type of voodoo. In fact, you can actually buy a voodoo set that comes with instructions on how you will perform voodoo. In general, voodoo may be performed using the voodoo doll. Yes, the voodoo doll is actually present in the act along with pins that will be used to stick in the voodoo doll. However, these are not similar to the common belief that it is only intended in hurting a person.

Well, the common belief is that one sticks the pins to the voodoo doll to procure pain or hurt a specific person which the doll represents. The pins to be used actually represent something and one does not merely stick the pins to the doll. There are certain mechanisms to be followed and greatly considered. The pins may come in color and each color actually represents something. For instance the color blue actually represents. Also, the location in which the pins will be stick also has meaning. You donít simply stick it to whichever location in the doll you prefer. In performing the spells on the other hand, one must also follow certain procedures that can be specified depending on the spell to be done.

Where to buy voodoo spells?

Voodoo merchandise is commonly sold in novelty shops or specialty shops. You can also find them in many shops that sell materials related to witchcrafts. These shops can be found conveniently online. There are already a number of novelty shops wherein you can find necessary materials in performing voodoo rituals. The spells are actually ordered online. There are those shops wherein they have a list of the entire spell that you can actually buy. Normally, the instruction must come within an order. Powerful spells are perhaps among the popular spell that are sold and bought online. 2005-2018. Disclaimer: is an independent list of voodoo spell casters on the Internet. The list is for your own interpretation and we are not associated with the casters. We wish you all the best in solving your issues. Please take your time to read about: Is Voodoo Evil? And Voodoo spells and Juju Rituals.