Voodoo and Juju Rituals

Did you know that in Haiti, voodoo isn't just African mysticism but a mix of that (taken from African slaves) and Roman Catholic Christianity combined? Many other countries regularly merge their "pagan" rituals with Christian lore to come up with something new altogether. It's West African slaves in particular that Haitian voodoo is based upon.

The term "Vodu" or "Vodou" actually means divine spirit or creature. Many people are skeptical about Juju rituals, but others are more curious about it and think, "Maybe it'll work." It's not something an amateur should mess with, though. Voodoo was mixed with Catholicism mostly as a ploy from the Africans to disguise the practice because their masters considered it pagan. Historically speaking, the most important voodoo ceremony on Haiti was the 1791 Bwa Kayiman led by Boukman, a voodoo priest.

Other Things to Expect from Haitian Voodoo

For many people, especially westerners, voodoo might as well be synonymous to witchcraft with what little people know about it. Haiti's Duvalier didn't know much about the repercussions and proper usage of voodoo when using it to control Haiti.

This mainstream, non-occult belief cannot serve the purposes of the political arena, he learned too late. This is especially true of Haitian Juju rituals, which was hidden as Roman Catholicism from the masters of the slaves that brought it to Haiti exactly because it's viewed by the Christian faith as a pagan religion. Then again, originally, the Bwa Kayiman was what spurred the revolution that freed the Western African slaves from their Frenchman masters.

The evolution of time has added a bit of an official feel to the centuries-old voodoo religion. From a pagan religion, it was eventually accepted as Haiti's official religion, especially after Roman Catholicism lost its hold and popularity in the island.

Regardless, it's true that many followers have been gained by Juju rituals throughout the decades, with many of them practicing this belief for their entire lives. Voodoo might not have the popularity and appeal of like Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and Hinduism, but it does have a mystical element to it that makes it fascinating to those who belong in the new age niche of religion.

Many a Wiccan have also dabbled into voodoo, plus voodoo concepts such as voodoo dolls and zombies have entered the mainstream pop culture through seeming pop culture osmosis. Like with Christianity, voodoo emphasizes a need for people to be good with one another.

However, this time around, instead of gathering karma, achieving Nirvana, going to heaven, acquiring a certain number of virgins after you die, or wiping yourself of original sin, being good in voodoo terms is for the sake of avoiding getting bewitched by people with voodoo knowhow to do so. The more good you are; the more immune you are to being bewitched.


It's also important for voodoo practitioners to let go of the things you have no control over. It might seem unfair to you to have the bad luck of being swept away by forces beyond your ability to influence, but as any good religion will point out, there's no use worrying about things you can't change; it's better to focus on the things you can change in order to better your life while simply dealing with the things you cannot deal with whatsoever. You have no responsibility over those things. You should also know the essentials of the spells that might be cast on you so that you can counter them, whether they're curses or other mystical events.

Voodoo spells have several effects, chief among them sleepless nights. People who've been cursed with voodoo will suffer from some sort of insomnia that you cannot solve through sleeping pills or traditional western medicine means of treatment. You simply cannot sleep or you might have difficulty sleeping, and you'd have no idea what's the reason behind it. You'll be tossing and turning on your bed for hours on end and when you finally get tired, you'll quickly see that the dawn is already there and you cannot sleep because you have daytime work to attend to. This raises the question: "Why would a voodoo curse target your sleeping pattern?"

Even if you decide to be a night owl instead, your curse might adjust to give your nightlife and nocturnal tendencies problems. Regardless, aiming for your sleeping patterns is a common voodoo theme because the spell ensures you won't regain energy; it even absorbs whatever remaining energy you might have. It's designed to make you feel irritated and unable to concentrate on your task at hand; little molehill distractions might become huge mountains of derailment if you let yourself get swept up by the pace of the curse. Consult your nearest witchdoctor if this is the case.

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