Is Voodoo Evil?

Generally, we often associate the tern ‘voodoo’ to witchcraft, to magic particularly black magic, to something dark and something negative. It is observable that most of the times voodoos are attributed to something dark. Manifestations of this assertion are the usual representation of voodoo in many television shows and movies. Also, this association is also present in many fictions tales that we read. But really, is voodoo evil?

What is voodoo?

Voodoo is said to originate from a spiritual ritual of an African tribe. It is particularly practiced to communicate to a higher and one guide of the tribe. It is also done in many kind of spiritual ceremony. Voodoo is considered a religion, the Voodoo religion. Throughout the years, certain practices were seen to be of similarity to the voodoo. For instance, Louisiana and New Orleans have been known to have a certain voodoo kind of ritual. In fact, it is known that voodoo ritual have been introduced in these states in the early 1800s.

Voodoo is a practice that is often associated to a ritual done for revenge. The voodoo doll is used in the practice of voodoo. The doll will represent the person in mind. With the use of pins, the intended outcome is achieved by sticking those pins in the voodoo doll. It is often associated to hurting or giving pain to the person that is represented by the doll. Thus, is voodoo evil?

Is voodoo evil?

Since it is often association to things that is dark or negative, many people actually believes that voodoo is indeed evil. However, this may not be the case. For instance, the Haitian practice of nailing puppets to trees in graveyards is associated to voodoo. The use of these puppets or dolls is actually for the purpose that it may serve as the messenger to the spiritual world for the people. The practice of voodoo is not actually evil, depending on the context of which you will practice the ritual. Is voodoo evil? Not necessarily.

Contrary to the belief that it is only used for revengeful acts, voodoo actually has many benefits. It is in fact used for prosperity and many other purposes.

What are the benefits of voodoo?

Voodoo practice is also done with three general spells. The voodoo spell for love, voodoo spells for money and voodoo spell for health. One can actually perform this spell if he or she believes that this can be beneficial to his life. The spell for love is generally used by people experiencing problems in their relationship or the absence or love in their life. The money of course is used for financial success and often with life’s prosperity. Lastly, health is among those that many of us want to be secured of. A health life is tantamount to wealth. Other benefit of voodoo is spiritual health or spiritual growth. Since, it is actually considered as a religion, spiritual relationship to the divine or one God can be enriched through the practice of it. There are actually many people particularly in the place of its origin that are devoted to Voodoo.

What about voodoo ritual?

Performing the voodoo ritual can be done just as ordinarily by common people now. In fact, there is voodoo merchandise that can be bought. You can basically found voodoo related materials in many novelty shops just as you will find materials related to the practice of witchcraft. Moreover, this kind of merchandise is already mass produced. As such, you can buy a voodoo doll in the form of key chains, or voodoo dolls found printed in shirts, bags, as pendant of necklace, accessories and in many other forms.

Furthermore, you can actually buy a voodoo set with instructions in it on how you can actually perform a ritual. Just like the common notion to voodoo, you will use a voodoo doll with matching pins. Contrary to the belief that you will be using those pins to hurt people, those pins can actually represent something. This will depend on the color of the pin. Also, sticking those pins in the doll is not simply done by just sticking it. There is a mechanism behind the practice that must be understood first by the performer of the ritual. 2005-2018. Disclaimer: is an independent list of voodoo spell casters on the Internet. The list is for your own interpretation and we are not associated with the casters. We wish you all the best in solving your issues.Please take your time to read about: Is Voodoo Evil? And Voodoo spells and Juju Rituals.