What You Need To Know About Voodoo Dolls

When it comes to witchcraft or say, black magic concepts, perhaps among the list of things that people will associate to it will always include the voodoo dolls. We often associate voodoo dolls to magic particularly black magic or witchcraft or something dark, something negative.

Moreover, the most common notion to voodoo is dolls used in rituals which involve sticking pins into the dolls. The voodoo doll as perceived by many is used to represent someone, often someone one would want revenge to. Every pin stick into the doll would give pain to the person.

This is the common perception about voodoo dolls. This is what we seen in several television shows and movies. This is what we usually read in many fiction tales. This association is too common that many of use believed this is actually the case. However, not everyone believes so, because there are also many who do not believe in it at all. But really, are they real? And if so, what is their actual use?

What are voodoo dolls?

Voodoo is known to originate from Africa. Its practice is actually a spiritual tradition of a certain African tribe. This spiritual practice is done to communicate with the high God, Bondieu. There are other practices associated with Voodoo. In fact, it is also considered as a religion, the Voodoo religion. In Haiti, voodoo has been associated with the practice of nailing dolls in trees. It has been associated to negative practice when in fact the purpose of using dolls and nailing it is be the messenger in the spiritual world to contact the dead loved ones of the people.

There are many known version of voodoo dolls these days. Each differs from the place it is practiced, used or brought. There are practices which are known to originate from New Orleans and Louisiana in the US. It started in these states in the 1800s. It is actually associated to groups of people who took pot sessions and practice a ritual related to voodoo.

How are voodoo dolls used?

You can actually buy a voodoo doll set that comes with an instruction on how you can use it. But usually, there are those purposes in which these dolls are used. Believe it or not, there are those called voodoo spells. There are three main spells that one can use namely spells for love, money and health. This is the general usage.

This kind of used in voodoo doll follows the common perception on the use these dolls. It would make use of pins which comes in many colors. But contrary to the common belief that they are mainly used for revenge and hurtful practices, these pins have certain meanings. Each color that would be used represents something. For instance, the color red represents power.

Moreover, in the actual ‘practice’, it is important that one understood the certain connection between his and the doll. One does not merely perform the ‘ritual’ but he performs it with the purpose in mind. In thrusting the pin to the doll, the location in which the pin will be stick is important. It usually has meaning. Therefore, one would not just stick the pin whenever he or she likes. The procedure may depend on the spell or the purpose that one wants. However, it is almost similar. Love spells might be different from the ritual on spell for money. Also, it greatly depends on the kind of voodoo bought. There are many ways that the procedure is done.

Where to buy voodoo dolls?

Voodoo dolls are actually sold now in many novelty shops. It may come in set with instructions how to use it. You may find it in specialized shops particularly for arts or specifically witchcrafts. Also, it has been mass produced in many forms.

Today, it is not solely bought for magic or say, witchcraft purposes but for decorative purposes. It comes in key chains, printed in bags, shoes and other common material we use every day. Voodoo doll is still sold for the purposes of spells particularly for the three general spell used for it which is for money or financial success, health and love spells. This kind of merchandise can also be bought in several online novelty shops.

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